Monday, September 24, 2012

single, attractive, accomplished friends are a gift

Motherhood and marriage have a way of crowding out single friends. I just had a week with one of my favorites.
Spending time with your single, attractive, accomplished (SAA) girlfriends is a gift.
It reminds you of a few things:

1. the satisfaction of adult conversation. rounds and rounds about pop culture, politics, & religion.
you're fascinated by the time she went to Singapore, the people she met in Cuba, and the peaks she summits. you learn which titles on your list are worth reading & whether eyelash extensions are worth getting a sitter.

2. the fun of dining at a downtown eatery with live music, wearing something that makes you feel irresistible like Zooey Deschanel. . The pleasure of finishing your meal because you're full, not because if you don't leave now your kid will break down.

3. you were a girlfriend once. 
before you were a wife & a mom, you were fancy-free, wore lipstick, and you thought about sex too.

4. a good man is hard to find.
once you've got him, don't stop dazzling him because SAA gals are sensational.  
they sleep in & have all that energy.
they wear flattering clothes & make eye contact when they're listening.

5. if you're lucky enough, somehow you wouldn't trade coming home to rock your baby and kiss your husband good-morning to go back to your single, attractive, accomplished girl life.
Well, maybe just for a week of the sleeping-in part.

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  1. Oooo. This is good. Just met two SAA's here in GA. Have had great lunch dates with both of them and look forward to more. Haven't had an SAA...maybe ever? Since getting married??

  2. LOVED this!!! Great things to think about!


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