Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Settling into Central NY

 We're settling in folks. It feels a bit like I wake up, get a cup of coffee, blink and it's bedtime. Thought I'd share a few goings on as I sit here waiting for the delivery guy.

1. Our new gym has knocked this stay-at-home-mom's socks off.
Art room with pottery wheels, lounge room for the 6-10 y/o set with flat screen TVs & gaming systems, fun family activities that have filled my September calendar, free swimming lessons, and the option to pay $17 for 3 hrs of childcare and I can LEAVE THE BUILDING!
The only downside I can see so far is it shares a parking lot with Target & TJ Maxx/Homegoods.Yikes!

2. Still trying to decide if I should be offended by this housewarming gift from my mother-in-law
3. My son tried to pass a movie line over on me as his own at breakfast. 
"I thought eggs were going to be greasy and slimy.."
Ugh. Fat chance, pal. Not with this mama, unless of course it's ScyFy.
PS: Julie & Julia

4. We chose to buy a home in this Syracuse suburb based on the high-ranking school district. Who knew this beauty would be right here in our neighborhood?
Can hardly wait to hike through State parks, visit the beach on the Great Lake Ontario, & see the waterfalls nearby. Looks like getting over lovely Virginia may be easier than I thought.
5. It turns out buying and implementing what you've Pinned on Pinterest is even more fun than collecting ideas. But not as easy on the pocketbook.
6. Going to church on Sunday and hearing "aunt Tina!" & getting a cheerful hug from my niece will never get old.
7. we've already had 2 visits from one set of grandparents & are meeting halfway between hometowns to hand over the older two kids to Grammie for the weekend
8. painting cabinets takes fooorrrreeevvveerrrr when you have 3 little kids
9. I miss Chick Fil A
10. I smile every time I walk into Wegmans and grab a cart.
11. Baby Clara has taken many first steps on the hardwood floors of our new house. She falls down before she goes too far as she starts to clap along with her cheering family.
12. We had a mouth-watering anniversary meal at Bistro Elephant downtown Syracuse last weekend. I can't decide if I'm more dazzled by the fact that my husband planned every bit of it or the free babysitting courtesy of my sister & brother-in-law, who put our kids to bed at our house so we could come home to sleeping kids, a clean house, even a running dishwasher! Pin It


  1. And in less than a month I get to see it!

  2. Yay for Poulsen family! Great update. You had me at pottery wheels...


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