Monday, July 16, 2012

Goodbye, Virginia.

After nearly 2 years living in Williamsburg, VA we are convinced we have discovered the country's best place to live. With its park-like roads and historical charm, this small, coastal vacation spot has won us over, indeed. All four seasons look good on its streets lined with brick, Colonial homes and gigantic trees.

As a family with young kids, we reveled in the beaches nearby, Busch Gardens, CW, and museums. Dan was wooed by his commute, particularly the way the sun came through the trees that line Colonial Parkway and Route 5. I enjoyed the location: 1 hour to VA beach, 2 hours to the mountains, 2 1/2 to DC or Outer Banks, NC-makes a road trip a cinch & relatively easy on the pocket book too. (And living 1 hour from a life-long friend & her family was such fun!)

Our foray into small business ownership was doing well and it came time to buy a house. We nearly offered on a couple homes in lovely neighborhoods, in good school districts, but something stopped us. 
You see, as much as we enjoyed making Williamsburg our home, we always had a nagging longing to be closer to our families in NY. Even this town, that on paper more than surpassed our expectations for a place to raise our kids & spend the rest of our lives, didn't cloud out the desire to share more of our lives with family. We have talked ourselves out of it for nearly 2 years now, shedding light on how much we'd give up to live back near our hometown. Being real about how living near family isn't the same as spending holidays & a week of vacation with them. We weighed it all. Believe me. But, we couldn't shake the desire.

At this point any other opportunities we've explored that could get us closer to "home" weren't the right fit. We have trusted God with this desire. We believe He has plans for our lives & the best in store for our kids so (Jer 29:11), even when we don't understand, we trust Him, following what we believe He is speaking to our hearts. (Psalm 9:10) , (Psalm 37:5)

Sure enough, He had a plan.
He has worked out details that even I couldn't have imagined.
It's happened so quickly, I'm still catching up to it being a reality. 
We bought a (realistic) dream house SO incredibly close to cousins & brothers & sisters it still feels like it's all a dream!
Dan has tied things up in VA & began a new professor position today!

So, here's what's in this whole thing for you:
WAIT! TRUST! SURRENDER! TRUST again! (Psalm 27:14)
This desire was rooted so deeply in our hearts.
We followed God where He opened doors for us. We tried our best to remain faithful there. In return, our time there has blessed our family in abundant ways and hopeful we were a blessing to those we encountered.
As we continued to trust Him, He has answered our prayers to have it all-job that fufills & pays the bills, and a home that we can fill with extended family.

I'm sad to end our Virginia chapter.
I'm excited to begin the next...
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  1. ...and the adventure continues!!!!

  2. I will miss seeing all the photos from the beautiful area!! (But the best pics are of your kiddos and I'm assuming those will continue.)


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