Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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First of all, Happiest birthday to my friend Klaire (aka: Katie, Kate, Kathryn, Dr., depending on the year). Wish I were climbing a mountain with you in Colorado. Who am I kidding? I do not. Could not. But, I can hardly wait for your visit and our nonstop talking, teenage girl sleepover style. xo

So, blogging has taken a hit by the new state of affairs in our home. All. 3. kids. every day. all day. 

But I wanted to share a few bits with you.
Carter, as anticipated, received a glowing final report card from his Kindergarten teacher. Above grade level this and that, outstanding classmate and learner, etc. I looked down into his wondering blue eyes after reading it and just wanted to say, "You are stellar! I promise I'll try not to take it for granted. And pack your bags we're headed to Disney World in your honor!" 
Instead, I hugged him & kissed him & shared the unfortunate news that he's not allowed to go to 1st grade, because that means one day he'll go to middle school and will no longer hold my hand walking in or out.
Lilah is her own person. She's helpful, she's too smart, she will under no circumstance take help before she's tried to do it independently, she picks up the guitar whenever music comes on TV, and she loves to eat fruits & veges. I have been near to tears (and cussing) many times lately as my patience and consistent discipline proves to be no match for her 3 year old will. A will that is all too familiar to me. More on that when it's not so fresh, I'm sure.
Wishing to be more a part of the conversation than her vocabulary allows, she provides loads of laughs. Just recently she said: "mommy. mommy. mommy. (repeat 4 more x at least) a bud (bug) bit me. it did mommy. a bud. it bit me. RIGHT HERE (pointing to her bum) ON MY BE HINEY."
I'm making some personal progress too. I ran 3 10 min miles yesterday for the first time! I've come so close before-finishing 3 miles at 10 min 58 seconds, but never 10 fair & square minutes each.
I've embraced what I've learned about how your body responds to running: oxygen & blood, yada, yada, yada. For me, the first mile is always hardest and on the contrary, I find myself enjoying the last mile as well as running much faster in the home stretch, comfortably. Now that I understand why, I enter a run expecting such and don't get discouraged when the beginning feels impossible.
I also bought a jazzy new pair of running shoes with ample heel cushion.
You may be interested in how not to quit running and the start of my personal running journey, something I never thought I'd start because I figured I'd fail.
Last night I couldn't put down the newly released Dinner: A Love Story book written by the author of the engaging blog by the same name. I'm enjoying the rhythm of the book: personal stories leading to beloved recipes and back and forth. Jenny and her husband Andy remind me of my husband and I a bit, both food-loving & family-committed folks. They live in NYC and work in publishing so they're coolness factor is much higher. It's certainly useful for a newbie cook as well as seasoned family meal-maker. I like the way she has it separated into stages of life, as the dinner table often reflects the differences-newlywed, young parents, etc. I've tried a few of the recipes from her blog in the past and was pleased. I'm considering cooking my way through this book a la Julie & Julia, minus the blogging & dedication to the degree of preparing aspics.

Friends and admirable parents have recommended Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus and once I read the excerpt available online, I ordered it immediately. Our desire as Christian parents is that our children grasp the love of Jesus and in turn love and obey Him and not that my kids are only moral, good people abiding by civil and religious standards. Here's a bit from the Introduction, but I recommend reading the whole book & taking from it what jives with your personal beliefs and parenting goals.
"Certainly the faith that has empowered the persecuted church for two millennia isn't as thin and boring as "Say you're sorry," "Be nice," and "Don't be like them." Why would anyone want to deny himself, lay down his life, or suffer for something as insane as that?....Let's face it most of our children believe that God is happy if they're "good for goodness' sake." We've transformed the holy, terrifying, magnificent, and loving God of the Bible into Santa and his elves."
Amazon offers a "look inside" option if you want to read more. Pin It


  1. Love the title. "Dazzling" them. I will be purchasing!

  2. WOW ,EXCELLANT AND LOVE IT !!!So much I could say but I guess I'll just say excellant ,marvelous and precious!!Della


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