Friday, June 1, 2012

friendship. trancending by kelly corrigan

Last week I shared that heavy things were on my heart. 
Thank you to all who reached out to me. Fortunately it's not exactly my heaviness.
I can't help but carry the burdens of family & friends around me.
Choices are more life-altering now that we're older.
A diagnosis can change everything.
It's so hard not to be able to do anything; really do something, isn't it?

I treasure the friendships I've collected through my life. I owe a debt of gratitude to texting, blogging, and Instagram for helping me to maintain those relationships conveniently.

If you're in a sentimental mood, you'll enjoy the video below as much as I did.
Trancending. By Kelly Corrigan

Feeling burdened?
A friend shared an inspirational link regarding sharing burdens, specifically "throwing them off". If you've ever carried a care, you'll be glad you read Beth Moore's inspirational post. (Short on time? Skip the first 4 paragraphs & read from there.) Throw Your Burden Pin It

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