Thursday, June 28, 2012


There we were in juvenile fiction searching through what else?: Scooby Doo.
My boy who is too sensitive to watch the beginning of Finding Nemo or The Lion King is wild about the mystery-chasers and the ghosts & monsters they encounter.
Using my best persuasion skills, I lead him toward other non-goblin titles. If left on his own, he'd head to the counter with arms full of Scooby Doo books & DVDs.
We stood in front of the shelf surveying their selection when a pretty little girl-likely Carter's age-with curly hair & a cute flower dress joined us.
" you know where the Scooby Doo videos are?"
Carter's head shot up toward me, eyes wide and almost as quickly, he knelt down & said "they're right here."
I watched him showing her each one.
I listened to her saying which she had & hadn't seen.
She grabbed one & stuck it in her bag.

There I was in the middle of what screenwriters refer to as a "meet-cute".
At least that's what Arthur tells Iris in The Holiday.
Could have been a scene from a romantic comedy if they weren't Kindergarteners.
It could be that I've got the master of romantic comedies, Nora Ephron, on my brain, after her recent death.
(Tom Hanks writes about his late friend & colleague here.)
I'm looking down at my son, 6 years old and the little girl who said the words that were sure to sweep him off his feet. I swear I never, ever think that way of him. I find it quite annoying, actually, when people pair up little kids. Let them have their innocence for crying out loud!

For now, he's got another cute, flowered dress-wearing girl for a book partner.

The other girl in our house has made it quite clear since she arrived that she only has eyes for one guy. She's typically the first one to crash our morning coffee & news time and she heads straight for her daddy's side.

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  1. So cute, miss you guys, see you real soon! Mom


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