Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful for...

I'm thankful for...
1. 5K run in which the whole family could take part 

2. Still seeing that baby's face even if he is tall enough to ride roller coasters with me now.
3. Carter asking me to turn down the music before I open the door to drop him off at school.
4. Running 1/2 mile with Carter before 5K & he asks me to stop saying "good job & stuff to strangers" that passed us, nearing the finish line
5. Carter's birthday card creation for Dan reading, "you are hansom"  
6. live jazz music & delicious seafood in Colonial Williamsburg on a date with Dan
7. my husband singing along to Pearl Jam at the top of his lungs, driving our minivan home, feeling every bit as carefree as his teenage self
8. Clara loving to feed herself, doing a dance after every few bites
9. diving into waves in the ocean with my oldest two 10. Aloe lotion in the fridge
11. shopping through Class & Trash with my mom for flea market or antique finds
12. Lilah loving her new chin-length bob with bangs inspired by too many tears shed over knots in the morning & one too many freehand cuts courtesy of unsupervised time with kid-safe scissors
13. my mom telling me she thinks we're good parents  
14. good report from my sweet little niece's surgery  
15. getting to bring over a meal to a family, believing for healing & restoration  
16. Ellen's "clumsy thumbsy" segment; laughing til no sound comes out
17. new friends  18. patient teachers  19. Fiji water on sale at 7/11  20. band aids & vaseline letting me keep running with on my blistered feet. 
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