Thursday, May 3, 2012

thankful for...

thankful for...
1. surprise smoothie from husband after work 2. "you should teach classes on packing lunches" from Lilah's teacher 3. twirling, dancing, praising Jesus with my daughters to this song (possibly most profound time of worship ever) 4. Clara eating mouthfuls of sand
 5. Carter's stand-out role in the Kindergarten play. Beaming! 6. Answered prayers 7. Not giving up even when my shorts didn't cooperate (let's just say: fire-burnin': inner thighs edition)
 8. confirmation email for mom's visit 9. looking over & realizing I'm still convinced he's the best man in the room 10. family gobbled up a batch of orzo salad w/lemon, tomatoes, & feta (recipe here)
 11. lunch in the cafeteria with Carter's Kindergarten class, telling me jokes 12. Jamestown ferry ride over to strawberry pick with the family 13. baby napping on the beach, Lilah playing with new friend, mommy reading new magazine. the good life!

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  1. I vote for a detailgalblog "how to pack a lunch" ongoing blog series!

  2. I third Starr's and second Heather's!


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