Monday, May 14, 2012

KOA VA Beach for mother's day

She looks exactly how I felt all weekend as we camped in a lodge at KOA on the beach.
The older two held hands as they went off together, they raced down the waterslides, built sandcastles, & rode the waves. 
On Sunday morning, my husband left me to sleep in the surprisingly comfortable bed at the lodge, while he & all three kids drove around gathering me treats: DD coffee, flowers, and cake. 
Oh, Jesus, bless that man! 
Watching the campfire burn out in the night, he told me about hiding flowers in the mailbox for his mom as a child. 
With his daddy's sentimental thoughtfulness, Carter made certain I got what I would love. He promptly asked for a piece of cake after presenting it to me in bed!

Lilah presented me with a fill-in-the-blank card, courtesy of her preschool teachers. 
I love my mom because: 
she takes me to ChickFilA & kisses me
My mom & I like to: 
go to the gym together
My mom's favorite thing to do is: 
dance crazy
But, she can't hide it: every day is father's day to her.

And I don't mind one bit, it's not always easy being Lilah's favorite.

I highly recommend KOA VA Beach for families. We went with accommodations as close to home as possible (because one of us had his fill of tent-camping growing up) with a lodge equipped with full bathroom, A/C, fridge, stove-top, microwave, and even a flat screen TV. It even had a gas grill on the patio so other than the campfire, you can hardly call what we did camping. We did turn off our iPhones other than to snap a few photos.
Our kids could have spent at least 3 days between the 2 pools, playgrounds, bouncing pillow, mini golf, and more before any sign of boredom. We spent one day at the beach-just 2 miles away (trolley service runs Memorial Day thru Labor Day)
We chose this weekend, as we did last year when we went to KOA in OBX, because they run a buy one night, get one free special.
I was asking if we could go back again this summer before we even left the campground. My kids didn't want to leave. Your family could certainly stay there & drive an hour one day to Busch Gardens or Colonial Williamsburg.

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