Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The trouble with Easter

Easter. I've discovered I have animosity toward it. Well, let me explain...
My kids woke up before the sun; even earlier than I remember it being on Christmas morning. They hunted and found their Easter baskets & eggs and were noshing on the loot before I even came to terms with the fact that I was awake. Here they are dressed in their new Easter duds before we headed off to a celebration of our Risen Savior at church. Afterward we had a low key family day.

Now, all of that is just dandy.
The Easter egg hunts started well before Sunday: each school, with friends, & community.
As I loaded my cart at the dollar store with plastic eggs, I was punishing myself for tossing last year's eggs. I honestly racked my brain for why I didn't save them for this year. So unlike me.
It didn't take long before I remembered exactly why.
It's this:
I've been bending down picking these things up for weeks now!
They separate & multiply. 
I find them under furniture, around the potty, in the laundry, they're EVERYWHERE!
I've collected them & put them into ziploc bags many times in those weeks to store for next year.
But these two find the bag & before I realize it they're all over the floor again. Little sister has her eye on one right now:
And one more thing: would it be wrong for me to toss out all the remaining candy?
And can I lie when they ask what happened to it?
It's just what kind of gift is the one that I have to tell them they can't have? 
Easter day was full, mostly uninhibited access. But there's more.
They ask for it when they wake up, they want it after every meal & in between.
I'm considering letting them binge on all they can tonight & tossing what's left.
So wasteful though.
So there you have it: my Easter chagrin.
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  1. What great pictures!!! I second the candy conundrum. This year I took all the kids candy that they were hoarding in various places and dumped it into one large ziploc bag, and Jonathan said, "Geesh...what are you a socialist or something?" Ha!


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