Monday, April 2, 2012

Running & Roller Coasters

Well it was a big weekend of 1sts for the Poulsens.
I ran in my 1st 10K. I full on vomited before the event, in a port 'o potty. It was longer than I imagined it would be, but I hardly walked other than to grab a drink for the sideline supporters. As hard as it was, I'm already looking at another run. It's a healthy way to spend a morning & motivation to stay on top of regular exercise.
 For all 6.2 miles, Monument Ave was lined with people holding signs & cheering! To the lady holding the sign that read "you look so skinny": thank you, that was perfect!
Thanks to every one of my family & friends for your encouragement. I recommend making a commitment that you can see yourself trying to get out of public-for the support & the accountability.
Special thanks to my husband for childcare & for the good advice on pacing myself; couldn't have done it without you!

Carter got to ride his first roller coaster!
You can read more about what this means to him here. At first height check he nearly wasn't able, since he is exactly 48" (which is the requirement to ride). Daddy went to bat for him. And for that, I didn't fight him to be able to ride with Carter for the first time.

It was everything he'd hoped it would be. He would have kept getting back in line til they closed if we let him.
Another benefit to riding with daddy: he bought a commemorative photo & frame. Mommy is far too cheap frugal for that.

Speaking of roller coaster photos.
Here's the one Dan (right) bought last summer from his 1st coaster ride in 8 years:

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  1. dans face make me laugh out loud!! Ok girl im motivated now from your run!! time to get myself to the gym!!

  2. Wow Tina! No walking??? Such inspiring courage and determination, way to go!

  3. Tina so proud!! Dan soooooooooooo funny DanO!!Carter so happy for you!!

  4. you inspire me.
    just started my couch-2-5k last week!

  5. CFA 5K is May 26th. Komen 5K (Browns Island) is May 12. Wanna do both?


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