Friday, April 27, 2012

Hair past shoulders with layers & long bangs

I've lived in Williamsburg, VA for nearly 2 years now & have never had a haircut in town. Too scared. I had my bangs cut last summer by a trendy-looking salon/spa type place & I wasn't a fan.

I found my last beloved hairstylist in Texas by stopping a stranger at the mall with a great cut. I tried that here a few times over the year & each time they had it cut out of town. I, too, have been making an appointment with a girl in my mom's hometown every time we head to NY.

Last month I asked a lady checking out at Target where she gets her hair cut & made an appointment with her stylist.
Because time without kids is precious & hair cuts aren't cheap, I came prepared.

Pinterest, you are more than a place to compile photos of the kitchen, wardrobe, and crafts of my dreams!
Thanks to the handy iPhone app, I showed the stylist this board, telling her I didn't want bangs, to lose much length, but I like layers. I was aiming for the one top right of Rachel McAdams.
Realizing I never got around to taking a photo yesterday after the cut, I snapped this one this morning.
I love it! (well the photo makes me laugh because it shows every bit how akward I felt taking this photo knowing I planned to share it here.)  
So here's me trying again. Less serious this time.
Oh, forget it.
I'm skipping the gym this morning to have breakfast with my handsome husband. Just need to grab some lip gloss & mascara. Yay for finding a good stylist! Pin It


  1. i LOVE it!
    and i love seeing pics of your beautiful face!

  2. agreed! i LOVE the new cut!!!

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  5. The local girl did good! The cut really suits. :)

  6. Thank you all! Made my day and posting self-portraits much less uncomfortable :)


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