Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And if you don't hope, then what?

I like it better when I get what I want. How I want it. When I want it. 
Don't you? (Of course you do. I'll answer that for you.)

I didn't want to settle, so I waited.
I was trusting that if it wasn't meant for me, the door would close.
But I was hoping that it would end up mine.
Now the door is officially closed.
And I dont like any remaining options.

Why is it easier to believe the promises of prosperity for others than it is to believe for yourself?
I'm thinking it has to do with hope.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Right? The rest of that Proverb is:
But a longing fufilled is the tree of life.
So I figure I have to decide it's worth the risk for the thrill of a longing-fulfilled.

Of course, someone reached out to me in need of hope this morning.
For them, I found this encouragement and this promise.
Somewhere along the way while believing for them I started to consider the alternatives myself.
If you don't ask...
If you don't try...
If you don't believe...
I'm choosing to hope that something better-suited for me will come my way just in time.
You know I'll be back to report the good news! He never fails me. Pin It

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