Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This is the way, follow it

You might recall one of the things I was thankful for the first week of this year was for taking the entrepreneurial leap. And just last week I wrote about how we've received exciting answers to prayer recently. Our family started a company this year and we've already experienced some encouraging "ups" and disturbing "downs". We expected as much in this endeavor but I can't say it makes navigating it easier.
We've put up quite a few "Dear God, just direct us!" pleas. 
As most of you that have committed your life to serving God know, discovering His plan for you life sometimes "fleshes out" as going in the direction you think you're being lead, trusting Him to either close doors or give you courage to open them or walk through open ones along the way. 

That's precisely where we find ourselves today. It turns out taking the leap was one thing, discerning which rock to jump to next is yet another.  The impact of our choices from the beginning seems far-reaching. Last week I prayed, "God, just speak to Dan. At each turn, can you be as clear as 'yes. do this' or 'no, don't go there.'?" Stumbling across this scripture in Isaiah was thrilling!
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  1. this blog gave me chills! praise God!!

  2. Agreeing with you in prayer!!!!


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