Monday, March 26, 2012

The things they say...Carter, at it again

This weekend was Busch Gardens' opening weekend! 
Carter, especially has been looking forward to it since he has every hope that he is tall enough to ride the big roller coaster he was an inch+ too short to ride last year. As you know, we've made many trips to the Dr since January. He hops up on the scale, standing tall & serious-as-can-be while the nurse measures his height. 
"48 inches", she reports. 
His eyes dart to me, no words needed.
"Yep. That's what you have to be!"
Turning 6 meant nothing more to him than the added probability of riding the roller coasters.
As any little sister would, Lilah pretends to be as interested in which roller coaster she might be "big enough to ride"
Saturday morning came. It was overcast & drizzling while we drove to the Y for swim lessons & mommy's 10K practice (eeek!). Carter asks question after question, most of all I've answered before. Lilah chimes in with her own inquiries about the Grover roller coaster on Sesame Street.
Now Carter has put up with it long enough.
"Lilah, no it's not scary", "Lilah, no it doesn't go very high", "It doesn't go upside down" ,and finally "It's not very fun. Okay? It's a baby ride. It's not scary."
Time for mom to get involved.
Me: "Carter, it's not a baby ride. Can Clara ride it?"
point taken
Me: "It's designed for kids Lilah's age. It's high & fast for them. Many kids, even your age, that would be too afraid to ride on it. ."
Carter: "Actually mom, I am afraid of it too. I'm afraid it will be a waste of my time." 
Stunned at the wit. In disbelief, I look into his eyes through the rear-view mirror. No. He's dead serious. Not old enough to 'get" how comedic the timing.
 "It has a long line." He adds, sensing the question in my expression.

My little thrill-seekers didn't get to ride anything. We packed everything up & drove to the parking lot hoping the drizzle would end once we hit the booth but no such luck. Each day it rained. Maybe next week. 

*In case you missed this anatomically correct moment that had me laughing out loud, read it here.

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