Thursday, March 15, 2012

thankful for...

  1. Every one of us is healthy. Every one. All week. Every one!
  2. People we barely know reaching out to support us while we were pathetically sick
  3. Texts, emails, voicemail, fb posts from across the country wishing, praying we recover 
  4. Got to be at Nana's funeral; Dan was supportive, did a great job with kids alone all weekend
  5. learned about my sister-in-law's childhood. sad. admirable over-comer.
  6. sleeping in past 10. in my old room
  7. happy (& delicious) dinner with the Lepianes (at Casa Amica Lewiston, NY)
  8. De Dees (ice cream) was open the weekend I went back to NY (these photos taken there last April. ps: locals-look to the left when you get to the end of the line & you'll spot a toddler Carter's photo. He has the best time there with my brother's friends that own the place.)
9. Hugging my kids; getting home safely
10. Tan lines! Welcome back!
11. Picnic dinner on the beach
12. We are healthy! Every one of us. Have been all week.

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      1. I loved this, so honest, and definitely gave me a "stop and be grateful" moment today! love your blog


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