Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines cards, tips, double dates

Have you started Valentines cards?
Do you shed Valentines love on your kids too or is it just a couple thing?
My mom always made a fancy dinner for us, served on her mom's china. Memorable.
Most memorable Feb 14th for me will always be 2006. I was in labor. Once I got my epidural, everyone was at ease & I vividly remember a Dr Phil love special with Paula Abdul was on the TV. I couldn't bring myself to ask for someone to change it because I anticipated needing them to do more important things for me as labor progressed & didn't want to waste their graces on that request. Carter was born early morning Feb 15th. And indeed, it got a whole lot more complicated than I anticipated.

This card made me giggle. (Read: kids' naptime) Though I do love my sleep, I'm not a napper.
It inspired me to make this one that captures one of my favorite things about my relationship:
(click to print free PDF)

I want what every teenage girl in the world wants this yeart: to sit next to my man at a screening of The Vow.

Whatever your plans, consider this tip for keeping yourself in the fun & flirty mood when you get home.

maybe a fun double-date? ice skating or bowling?
Spending time with another couple has always been good for my marriage.
For this one reason: I walk away twitterpated that the best man in the room chose me. Me? me.
Turns out recent research promotes double-dating for this & other reasons.

Speaking of fun & flirty: this big wavy hair & 5 min makeup will be sure to put you in the mood. Pin It


  1. love that you remember the fancy dinners, I miss that! Happy Valentine's Day, love you, Mom

  2. Jonathan usually buys a new dress for Lauryn for Valentines. It's sweet. Also makes me wonder what will happen when the time comes that he picks a dress she doesn't like. :-)


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