Friday, February 24, 2012

yummy mummy cake

Clara has been fighting sickness since the end of January. She's on her second round of antibiotics for infection and has regular breathing treatments for her bronchitis.
Eventually the other two came down with sickness and we parents did too.
More than once I walked in to find Clara like this in her beloved Jumperoo.
Breaks my heart. Poor, sweet, neglected baby girl. I was so worn down & sick myself I could have stopped mid-bounce & fallen asleep too.
Carter's double ear infections had cleared up in time for Valentines Day, which with all its candy confection & fanfare is still only the eve of the day he's been waiting 364 days for: his 6 y/o birthday.
I wrote a post all about my boy's only request & how illness was threatening it's realization here.

Well, his wish came true: we went to NY for the weekend.
Nearly every day he was whisked away for a gift-shopping trip or adventure and it was capped off with a party at a germ-infested kid wonderland with family & friends. It's no wonder the kids live for those trips!
My favorite part was surprising him with a custom-made mummy cake. He learned about Ancient Egypt last year and ever since he beelines toward mummy exhibits in museums and reads everything he can find on the topic. He's also a big fan of Cake Boss. So it was the perfect surprise.
A big thank you to the talented, Christina of Baby Cakes for realizing every detail of my vision for the cake.
Gummy worms are his favorite & for further impact we went with Red Velvet cake & like I'd hoped, upon cutting into his neck he exclaimed, "That's his body in there! Is it really his flesh?". This mummy was super yummy too. Notice the worms are all missing. Carter requested the head. Daddy (enthusiastically) obliged. Gross.

We took advantage of free babysitting at my mom's house & ran off for grown ups only time at night. I hit the salon where I had my hair washed for the first time in several days & went back to black. Don't you just love getting your hair done? The silky, smooth blow-out that lasts for days...ahhh...

As usual, we came home with more than what we had when we arrived: gifts, a Nana, a 3 y/o with a fever and another trip to the pediatrician for a wheezing, cranky baby .
You only turn 6 once. It was worth it. Pin It


  1. the cake turned out great! happy birthday carter! ugh... 6!

  2. Love the pic of the mummy getting his neck sliced. Too cool. :)

  3. Totally cool and totally CREEPY! Love it!
    Happy, happy birthday, sweet six-year-old boy!
    We love you!

  4. I am crazy about that six-year-old, and that trip, and that cake; but I just cannot get over the picture of Clara, the crossed hands, oh! moment perfectly captured


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