Thursday, January 12, 2012

thankful for...

1. grocer employee handing me a bouquet of flowers. free of charge. just because.
2. snuggled in the chair, Carter reading me a book. 
3. taking them all in & noting: "if i could freeze my kids just as they more growing"
4. kind & encouraging comments on blog posts
5. Lilah, calling from the other room where she's playing with play-dough
"mom? can i have another chair for my friends Tangled (aka: Rapunzel) & Flynn Rider?"
6. tinted mentha lip gloss. c.o.bigelow
7. the way her warm, round head fits in the crook of my neck and feels heavier as she falls asleep 
8. running longer, faster. note: still boring as ever.
9. diaper delivery arrives in time
10. SJPs movie was just as good rented at Redbox as I remembered from the theater. (though for a movie set primarily in Boston, why did no one have an accent?)
11. text communication with faraway friends 
12. nice enough weather for the trampoline in jan
13. shopping for hats & gloves to donate with my compassionate son
14. tasty Pinterest recipe finds (& a clutter-free place to store them all)
15. power toothbrush. addicting silky clean teeth. thanks, mom 
16. kid-free time at Panera to post what I'm thankful for! thanks, generous husband.

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  1. Regarding #8: I'm no runner, but one trick I've heard is to find a podcast you like and then only listen while running. I like The Moth and This American Life. Tricky if you need upbeat running music though!


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