Thursday, January 5, 2012

thankful for...


1. Lilah handing me a plate of "food" from her new kitchen. walking away. turning back to add "you better eat it all. I'm not making you more later."
2. Keurig convenience. Somedays it's SO worth the extra $ per Kcup. Even on cup #3!
3. the gym, & so far no child is sick. dangit now i've certainly jixed it. 
4. toasted pistachio delight candle. no longer available online, but from here.
5. Clara eating pears & giggling with each spoonful. oh. my. swelling. heart.
6. breakfast date with Dan in a french restaurant downtown. making it happen when it can.
7. good preschool; timely lessons in community & authority
8. high-fiber, sprout bread at Trader Joes. sometimes a girl just needs some toast.
9. Carter using bigger-than-his-age words in proper context. knowing i taught him.
10. grace, new each day. not my best week.
11. pedicure, by the good lady
12. free $25 code for paper coterie
13. thoughtful thank you notes from teachers
14. Seeds of Courage. Hiding His Word in our hearts in such a fun & effortless way.
15. watching Bowl games & eating grown-up food together after kids go to bed
16. taking the entrepreneurial leap. nothing to lose but regret.

Why the list?

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  1. love it - the "you better eat it all" the giggling pear eater, the very smart almost 6 year old and have to mention the leap of faith! Miss and love you all!

  2. tina where is the paper coterie code? i looked on the website you linked and i didn't see one.

    LOVE paper coterie!

  3. it's in the sidebar on that link. code "planning2012" good thru 1/31

  4. I am thankful for your blog. I use it as a reward for myself. I can only read it AFTER bills are paid, work is done, hubby is fed, dishwasher is unloaded, etc. It makes me smile and lifts my spirits. You are amazing and such a great example of a Godly woman!



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