Thursday, January 26, 2012

i'm wasn't bullying, $30 paper coterie


1. it wasn't an act of bullying

2. it was just a low fever, finally broke; likely from teething.
3. the older kids were at school so i could stay frozen in position when she fell asleep on my collar.

4. it was only the bumper. no one was hurt. he came home unscathed. again.
5. the money is there for necessary repairs
6. urgent care. w/no wait & discount co-pays for employees families.
7. Free $30 to spend at Paper Coterie right on time for my annual photo book. code: 'FREETHIRTY'
8. girly pink iPhone Defender Case is worth the bulk. & $20 cheaper here
9. inspiration to eat what remains in the pantry/fridge/freezer
10. all of the family can come to carter's party!
11. free valentines printable
12. teachers who email.
13. teachers who take the time to write such kind things.
14. i didn't eat my way through this wild week
15. "Be joyful because you have hope. Patient when trouble comes, and pray at all times." Rom 12:12 (NCV)

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