Tuesday, January 3, 2012

and then there were three

Today we were missing someone.
Our family's first "back to school" after break experience.
The space he fills, he fills uniquely.

At first, we just hung around adjusting to the emptiness.
I distracted myself with some running around town with the girls. 
I packed away Christmas while they were napping. 
(Thankfully, I remembered to warn him before he left this morning).
Not two days into Christmas break, I consulted the school calendar to verify just how long I had with all three of them at home before this day. (Sad, I know. But true.) 
Eventually we got the hang of being around all day together. 
Well...sort of. 
More than I thought because today was much more awkward than I had anticipated.
He's back! 
Just where he belongs. Filling his special space in our home.
It took 3 seconds for the sibling bickering, followed by screaming tattling to commence.
Is there an in-between? 
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  1. He is a awesome precious person our Carter and its always a mixed bagwith children war and peace !!Thanks Tina Ilove your writeing !!!mom2

  2. oh my gosh...clara's ankles...


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