Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 highlights word cloud

can't think of a more fitting celebration for new years eve than counting our blessings, recalling the memories of the year gone by. my 5 y/o "got it", i'm sure.
the idea was to create a time capsule with q&a for the kids to record a glimpse at their current favorites, their plans, etc. (similar to this free printable)
this questionnaire was a jumping point.
we couldn't stop there. there was FAR more to record & eventually we filled the page; up the sides, between the lines until no blank space remained.
that inspired a trip down memory lane, recalling events & highlights of each month. SO. FUN! neat to see what stands out to a 5 y/o & in the mind of a 3 y/o ("lemolade" read: lemonade @ChickFilA is a certain highlight).
i took a couple minutes & abbreviated some of those memories & plugged them in here to create a word cloud of 2011. (make your own here. )
some won't make a bit of sense to you (ex: 'forever' is a top-requested song title on road trips) and to a detailed gal like myself it nearly kills me to be this concise, the words trigger so much more.
i suspect this will be an annual tradition.
between the lines: we have SO much to be grateful for.
"Thanks be to God for his gift that is too wonderful for words."
2 Cor 9:15 (NCV) Pin It


  1. Love the "manual mode." I have been appreciating your photography! Great job! (And I remember that you said you were going to try sewing after you mastered your camera a bit better. I expect some sewing projects posts in 2012. Ha!)

  2. oops...all this time i thought clara's bday was the 16th?!

  3. it is! hopefully she doesn't read this one day & feel unloved. but the word cloud was already made & no time to make another. :)


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