Thursday, February 24, 2011

There's just something about...

There's just something about...

....a good haircut.
Like losing 10lbs, you look better whether wearing yoga pants or skinny jeans. Thanks, Kim!

....a shower after kids go to bed.
Its the SAHM's drive home from work. Transition from MAAHHHMMEEEE to just ME.

....a good body pillow once you hit the halfway thru pregnancy mark. 
Turned to mush when I saw a brand new one-perfectly firm, but flexible-on my bed for V-Day. He's listening! He's in-tune! He gets it! No flower delivery or robin's egg blue box could have delivered like that Laura Ashley pillow.

PS: How old does your youngest have to be before you start sleeping through the whole night?

There's something about following personal blogs of people I've never met combined with pregnancy dreaming. We all wear our best on Wednesdays, (even maternity versions) at the YHL house eating PW's mushroom & spinach quesadillas talking about the craft we'll do with our preschoolers who happen to be the same age or swooning over CG's latest. Even Beth Moore & her daughter were there. Too bizarre.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Memorable trips & illness is distracting me.

Hello, friends.
It's official, I'm completely distracted from sharing here on detailgalblog.
We've been busy with memorable road trips, visiting family, & birthday celebrating.
We've had a blast sledding, ice skating, & playing at Children's museums-which may may explain the other distractions.
An etched-in-my-memory-forever trip to the hospital when the chest XRAY showed pneumonia & the Dr suggested IV antibiotics. (Huge thanks to all who prayed. It worked. No IV necessary. I couldn't imagine it. My heart goes out to the families with children frequently being tested & treated in the hospital, I could barely stand watching her small, lethargic body laying on the long, cold XRAY table alone).
Fighting RSV & ear infections has a way of taking over a household & distracting me from this beloved blog.
(I'm not going to lie. I will treasure, treasure, treasure the days spent cuddling with the 2 year old that won't stay in one place for all the candy in the pantry. Guess it takes a scary 103 temp.)

House-cleaning & road-tripping, I'm loving this whole album (9.99 @iTunes).
My Bose dock is almost always blasting the songs as anthems in our house & my kids know most of the lyrics.
There's nothing like hearing a 2 year old saying "I am Yours" with her nose running, and eyes red from waking up all night long unable to breathe normally.
It seems the sickness is clearing & the weather has hit 70 a few times recently, so I'm hoping to be back soon-possibly with beach pics! Until then, turn up the volume & hit play:
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And just like that you're 5

 And just like that you're 5 today.
I can hardly believe it.
You're making me that mom that thinks her kid is better the the other kids. 
I can't believe that either. 
Your dad & I continually try to claim your awesomeness with "he takes after me".

You retain song lyrics after just listening once or twice (like me)
You never tire of reading books (like daddy)
You will not stand for sticky hands. (like me)
You'd rather have sausage than pancakes or strawberries than chocolate (like me)
You could spend all day in the water (like me)
or zoned out in front of the tv. (like daddy)

Your sister drives you bananas. And that drives US BOTH bananas.
 You love to be surrounded by your cousins & grandparents in NY. 
And we couldn't agree more.

Happy Birthday Pal!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy SAHM Day!

Today, I decided, is Stay At Home Mom Day!
You know the every day feels like the same day life of a stay at home mom?
Why not celebrate with a little changing it up. After all we're not exactly stuck in the same day.
We can do something wild & have ice cream for breakfast or stay in pajamas all day! 
How about playing outside before naptime instead of after? ooooooh! rebellious!
Oh the ways we can switch things up or let things go! All in celebration of SAHM Day!

I did all of my chores during nap & by the time the kids were done with rest time, I was ready for a nap myself. So you know how I celebrated SAHM Day? I gave the kids a snack & some "screen time" & I took a nap. Lilah was lying next to me as soon as her snack was finished, of course, because the kid couldn't care less about a cartoon. But having her warm squirmy body nearby was comforting & eased my worries that she figured out the dead bolt & took the dog for a walk around the neighborhood.
Happy SAHM Day! 
It's the hardest most rewarding job that I resent one minute & get tearfully grateful for the next. Pin It
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