Thursday, December 29, 2011

thankful for..

  1. He came.
  2. mom came to celebrate it with us.
  3. waking up before the sun on Christmas morning to "mom. SANTA CAME. our tree. it's FILLED with presents. lilah. she got a WHOLE kitchen. my stocking. i didn't get coal. it's FILLED with PRESENTS. i got a YODA pop." oh God thank you for leading him to my side of the bed first. perfect end to being up all night with a puking 3 y/o. :( for memory's sake: we had to stop several times through opening gifts for a sick little girl.
  4. gifts that say they're listening to me, reading my posts, & care enough to seek it out. thoroughly surprised.
  5. she's played with the kitchen every day since
  6. a plate with "pizza" & a "fork", & "coffee mug" delivered to my laptop
  7. waterslide the whole family can ride together at Great Wolf Lodge. their faces. the laughing. the shreiking
  8. clara loving the humidity, laying on the floor in her diaper, grabbing her feet with a drooly grin
  9. scoring months worth of [the good] loofahs for half price
  10. kids are forgiving
  11. "be joyful because you have hope. be patient when trouble comes, and pray at all times" Rom. 12:12 NCV
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