Thursday, December 22, 2011

thankful for...

1. my mom is coming to our house for Christmas
2. gifts hiding in closets and behind storage in the garage
3. smell of Gain-washed clothes
4. the accident was minor
5. silver-clad tree, aglow
6. 5 different cookies baked and shared, newbies just as good as they looked
7. new friend-prospects in our new city after 1 year, (incl. 1/2 a year in hiding w/newborn & pregnancy hormones
8. manicure
9. free shipping
10. sensible, solicited advice
11. clementines, kids can peel
12. Carter's foot & hands as a reindeer on his sweatshirt
13. Lilah requesting one for her brother even before taking her own prize
14. perfect stocking-stuffers come to mind, are available
15. giving
16. dan assembling toys without my nagging or even suggesting.
17. Clara chewing on Sophie & drooling & cooing, on her back w/her feet in the air
18. warm & fuzzy socks
19. finding Carter knows the true meaning, re-telling the story nearly perfectly
20. my mom is coming to my house for Christmas! (worth a second mention)

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1 comment:

  1. How could she possibly stay away from that sweet family???? Wonderful Christmas story!


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