Thursday, December 15, 2011

thankful for...

  • his face bounding off of the school bus toward me
  • my husband conspicuously planning my Christmas gift
  • pine & holly branches from the yard in my vignettes
  • they have no idea those things are already here, hidden in the garage
  • surprised by hometown-ers in my new town. talking best food & mutual friends.
  • one-click & Amazon delivers it; cleaners & k-cups at good prices, w/free shipping
  • Christmas cards from old friends; the faces once babies now grown
  • Luke 1:28, 34, 37*&38
  • "let every heart prepare Him room." what a lyric!
  • Fresh Balsam on sale 2@$20. Now I'm not the only one not burning it this season. Still think this is my favorite.
  • the Jesus Storybook Bible audio. He's here
  • getting dark at 5 gets kids in bed by 7:30
  • finding the doll, lost in NY, here in VA and on clearance
  • MAC lipstick in Dubonnet; perfectly red. date-night lipstick.
  • Clara's stocking hanging too, our family of five feeling right

  • Zack Morris in made-for-TV Christmas movie
  • weekend plans
  • answered prayers
  • this fun Nativity story video. what a way to introduce the story of Christmas to your kids!

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    1. "Let every heart prepare Him room" was my facebook status last night. Sacred echo. :)


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