Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thankful, by practice

I'm a dreamer. I revel in grand schemes. 
The little things have never been my strong point.
If you're been following me here for a while you know my toughest challenge being a stay-at-home mom of three littles has been the painful predictability of that sort of life. Mundane is not my thing.

I believed, looking around me & seeing no prospects, that "someday my prince would come" even if out-of-the-blue. And just like that, out-of-the-blue he called me because my cousin shared my number. A few months after our blind date, he asked me to marry him on a bridge in Central Park across from The Plaza hotel in NYC. I said "YES!" blinded by the rock he was holding out to me. Yes! to the ring, Yes! to the love story; Yes! Yes! Yes! to the extraordinary.

And nine years later, my life couldn't be more ordinary. Charmed, for sure, but ordinary.
My mundane life is peppered with exciting risks like selling our house by owner in 3 weeks last year & moving across the country to a place we'd never visited.

How did a dreamer like me end up living this typical life? 
The husband, the kids, they're as great as I could have dreamed, yes. Realizing I wasn't going to be changing the world because I was going to be busy for 8 years changing diapers has been the struggle. 
Every now & then something threatens what matters most to me, or I read a widow's blog, or a mother's heartbreaking battle with her child's illness & I am shaken to contentment.

Contentment an elusive goal for a dreamer like me.

Then I read this book: One Thousand Gifts.
A friend recommended it to me last year. I got it, read the first page & thought, "ugh. who cares?" I wasn't "in the mood" for this poetic challenge to gratefulness.
I picked it up again last month and I can say, it has forever changed me. 
I am enlightened to the practice of thankfulness and how it begets joy.
The practice of looking for things that bring a smile to my face, a sigh to my heart, a twinkle to my eye has changed me.
I'm making lists of these "gifts" each day and on Thursdays I'll share some of those here with you.
I do hope you will read this book.
If you're not "in the mood" now, pick it up so when the moment strikes you, you will have it on hand. One Thousand Gifts.

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  1. book sounds like a great Christmas gift.

  2. i've been thinking about this very thing. the achilles heel for people like you and me. we have to dream, but how much and how far-- how to dream practically? but even more so, how to live in the moment so life doesn't pass me by, so i don't realize one day that because i've been too distracted by dreaming, i've never really lived. i haven't read the book yet... just put it on hold at the library... wish i had it handy now because i accidentally had caffeine and am wired!

  3. Good thing God gave you Lilah...takes some of the SAHM predictability out of your day, huh?

  4. I love this post and truly relate. I have the book on hand and am inspired every Thursday. Thank you.


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