Tuesday, December 20, 2011

gifts, suddenly inadequate

This is the day when I sabotage all of my efforts to be thoughtful, budget-friendly, and done in advance. With just five books left til Christmas, I have all of my gifts bought and wrapped.
Still, I start to think of the recipients and what they mean to me and second-guess my carefully chosen gift. 
Is this really enough? But she is so special...she teaches my kid every day OR 
he makes so much effort to be a great uncle 
OR she's always generous and supportive, I should add something more. 
I was especially pleased with the gifts I bought for my husband this year.
Until.....I found out what he got me!
Unintentionally, I swear.
Last week when he started beaming over my Christmas gift I made a conscious decision to keep my eyes & ears closed.
I expected it must be something grand, but couldn't imagine what it was.
Never anticipated it was....well, let me tell you what happened:
I sent a text message to a friend telling her "Coldplay tickets go on sale tomorrow" and she replied with "a friend with an AmEx card got her tickets presale".
He told me he opened a new card so that I couldn't find out what he was buying when I saw the American Express envelope in his hand the other day.
For 8 minutes I considered trying to pretend I was surprised on Christmas morning to give him the satisfaction. But I could not contain my joy. I was BURSTING! Surprised! Elated! Shocked, really. It was completely his idea and he went to much trouble and come to find out, through many road blocks to get us close up when Coldplay comes to DC in July! I can hardly believe it! 

Needless to say, I'm questioning how my gifts stand up to his.
We weren't even going to give much to each other this year.

Same with my mom, I got her something perfect; something only I would get her & she wouldn't get herself.
Then yesterday she SHOCKED me with the news that she's coming to spend Christmas with us. A never-thought-in-a-million-years-she'd-leave-my-brothers-in-NY-and-come-to-VA-to-be-with-me kinda surprise.
Are you feeling like you need to add a bit more for the people that mean so much and do so much?

In the end, gifts, no matter how grand, never seem to adequately convey ones gratefulness and desire to bless another. 
I think you're pretty safe if you
give what means the most to you. 
Your time. Your attention. 
Turn your cell phone off in their company. 
Go to the party you'd rather skip but would mean so much for you to attend. 
Make their favorite, not yours.
Give them the best, take second pick. 
Make the effort. Make it special. Make it genuine.
More lessons I've learned on giving in Satin Sheets are Slippery
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  1. Let me think, what's my favorite...hmmmmmm
    Cannot wait to spend Christmas with your family!
    love you Mom

  2. wait a minute, they aren't even coming to virginia! they aren't coming to michigan either! where are you seeing them i am so so jealous

  3. Nina, they're coming to DC & it's just 2 1/2 hrs from me! He actually bought 2 extra tickets, more affordable ones that we'll be selling-if you are going to be nearby!

  4. SOOOOOO jealous. i saw them in denver a few years ago... waited by the phone and dialed the minute they went on sale and still sat towards the back. drooling... and laughing because i'm not surprised you accidentally figured it out!


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