Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankful: in sickness

I'm thankful for... 
  1. Lilah putting away the silverware (even if she sorts them on the floor & does it with PB on her fingers) 
  2. walk-in clinics
  3. trader joes peppermint tea
  4. playing beauty salon & restaurant perfectly disguising mommy resting
  5. homemade french onion soup w/melted gruyere
  6. michael buble christmas
  7. baby's 3 hr naps
  8. 3 y/o watching an entire movie
  9. 600mg ibuprofen leftover from cesarean
  10. steamy showers
  11. daniel taking care of kids, letting me sleep til 8 with a full day of work ahead
  12. alone time in the waiting room to read one thousand gifts. unwrapping the secret to joy & contentment! life-altering truths. possibly the most important book i've read in years.
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