Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful for...lifetime nail-biting habit kicked

Thankful for... 
  • Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle (lifetime nail-biter kicked the habit. 6 months my own long, strong nails! for the first time ever.)
  • Moms who share their $5 Similac coupons 
  • Robitussin CF
  • shopping with my adorable sister-in-law @Wegmans
  • ELF cream eye shadow pot. $3 makes eyeliner so much more fun! thanks, Starr
  • Sophie the giraffe. Teethers-best friend
  • reading "[I] only [saw] because I was looking..." has changed the way I go through the day. Read the book. For fans: are you using the FREE APP?
  • Nuts in my salad
  • Amazon Mom Subscribe & Save w/Free 2 day shipping. Sure helps a mother out.
  • Lights out. Kids tucked. Little voices singing "Away in a Manger..." doing motions.
  • Target...because I went to WalMart last night. Why does one make me go "Ick" and the other make me go "aahh!"?

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1 comment:

  1. Trying to finish up "Daughter's Dream" so I can start the Thousand Gifts book, sitting on my living room table for three weeks now!
    Was just thinking about catching up on a few shows I've been missing in order to read...
    Now I can't! Gotta finish this book so I can start that one!


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