Monday, November 28, 2011

Poulsen Turkey Secrets. still Laughing out loud.

I can still picture it exactly as it happened.
And can laugh out loud over it!
The greatest Thanksgiving memory ever.
My two sisters-in-law & I gathered to make the entire traditional dinner for our family last Thursday.
Every dish just as yummy as the next.
Michelle's crowd-pleasing sweet potatoes and old, reliable Betty Crocker cookbook stuffing were the perfect compliment to the main attraction: our turkey.
Here's the secret we shared after plates were cleared, bellies full and dessert was served (pictured above):
The nurse among us worked that turkey with butter & thyme between the skin & the breast like nobody's business before we realized it was upside down. That may have shaken us out of our "happy just to be doing this together" cloud, but, apparently it did not.
We flipped the bird & buttered it up, stuffed the cavity with aromatics & tied up the legs. Better get this guy in the oven quickly, the husbands, watching all the kids have already sent texts asking when it will be ready.
I held the oven bag open for my sister-in-law to drop the 23 pound buttered ball inside. 
Smoosh those wings & legs into the opening...
All of it fits into the bag...
Straight through the bag
Onto the floor and my foot.
Time stood still. Our mouths agape and silenced. Eyes wide. Looking from one to the other. And outbursts of laughter. Our turkey, our Thanksgiving turkey lathered in butter and fresh thyme is on the floor!
Best Thanksgiving memory ever.
You can imagine the glances we exchanged as our husbands and in-laws moaned over juicy bite after bite of our turkey.
Ground turkey.

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