Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pepping up our morning ritual; a perfect cup of coffee trick

Coffee. It's the ritual for me.
Moreso than the taste or even the caffeine's effects.
Many mornings start with a 3 y/o at my bedside b/c she's "hundree" or "firstee" & has a smelly diaper, followed by a kindergartener tattling on his sister, whom I've ignored against my better judgement. Now in addition to the dirty diaper, I have to clean milk from the floor because she got it herself when I pretended not to hear her & stayed in bed.

Hearing the sounds of my husband prepping our morning brew is simply something to look forward to through the needs I have to meet before my eyes are even adjusted to the light.
(wrote about it here and about not taking it for granted here)

Surprisingly, I've considered giving up my beloved coffee ritual several times over the past year for various health reasons. But, I just can't don't.
I've moved onto trying to add a bit of pep to our morning coffee ritual.
Thought about getting a Keurig. Do you have one? Like it?

Here's our typical routine:
Joe's Dark Roast (Dan's fav, while I'm a Med Roast girl) HIGHLY RECOMMEND at only $4.99, comes whole bean, but you can grind right there at TJs.
Agave Nectar is my choice sweetener. Acquired taste but better for you. (Lower Glycemic Index)

TJs Pumpkin Spice blend was just the added pep we needed.
And holy moly is it good with a dollop (or 2!) of this creamy dreamy Pumpkin ice cream. 
I can't afford the calories of the ice cream so I've been just adding cream to this PS blend & it's tasty. 

PS: Did you know about the 1/2 cup per 8 cups of coffee trick?
Time saver. Fool-proof. I found the tip while working at Williams-Sonoma years ago in Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. 
While we're talking about Ina, her
Barefoot Contessa's Parties is my favorite.
I've read it cover to cover. Find her approach to entertaining useful & inspiring. Serving the boss something unexpected like cheeseburgers instead of something fancy. And giving your guests the feeling that you've gone to no trouble by preparing ahead of time & spending time with them when they arrive. Pin It


  1. Tina, we have a Keurig and we love it! The coffee can be expensive but making one cup at a time fits for us as we are rarely up at the same time. But if you get one, keep your old coffee maker for the weekends when you both want a whole pot to share!!

  2. i have one too and miss it so much (it's packed away until we move into our new house)... but i agree.... we couldn't do without our 12-cupper as well... we just drink too much for the 1-cup deal. i just use that personally in the middle of the day

  3. Keurig pros: easy, QUICK, foolproof, fun

    Keurig cons: hard to find a dark enough roast for JC, we are on our 2nd machine after our first one wonked out (great customer service and quick replacement though!), can't "top off" your remaining lukewarm 1/2 cup when you discover your morning was so crazy you didn't even finish your coffee :) But then I just go ahead and make a whole new cup.

    Overall thumbs up.


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