Sunday, October 23, 2011

old town alexandria, overnight guests

My mom came into town last weekend. She got in at 2 am & surprised the kids that morning. They LOVE them some Grammie-time. I'm so glad because I love free babysitting her company too.

Dan & I headed to Busch Gardens to ride the roller coasters one evening. 
The park transforms into Howl-o-Scream for the month of October and boy did I scream once the sun went down & I'm not just talking about on the roller coasters. I ran at 7.0 treadmill speed through these haunted pathways occupied by bloody-chain-saw holding creeps lurking in the shadows, waiting to scare the tar out of passersby. NOT for the easily-startled, like myself. Dan found it quite comical, my targeting myself by wearing my fear on my sleeve-that is. We had a blast once we sped past to the roller coasters.  (Dans iPhone fell out on the last one & we deemed it gone forever. Can you believe someone turned it into lost & found & we got it back a few days later?!)

The girls & I followed mom up to Alexandria for a couple of days, where she was working. I lived in DC for awhile as a flight attendant, based at Dulles. I'd always heard if I loved the charm of Georgetown, I should head to Old Town Alexandria, but had never made the trip over the bridge.
If strolling down brick sidewalks, lined with centuries-old brownstones & boutique shops is your thing, be sure to take the trip if you're ever in Northern VA. You can take a water taxi over the Potomac from DC & land right in front of the Chart House restaurant, where you really should treat yourself to Salmon Rockefeller and an over-the-top view. It was delicious.

I'm sorta cracking up as I write this because in truth, we enjoyed walking down King Street & playing in the park at Union. And I'm still thinking about the Salmon I ate that night watching the sunset over the river. But with an energetic 3 y/o the ambiance is a bit altered by potty trips & lessons in ChickfilA volumes & fancy-schmancy place volumes. (the waiter swore they were kid-friendly & it wasn't any problem).
With baby barf down the front & back of my shirt, walking in & out of Paper Source & that adorable toy shop was an exercise in humility more than anything. 
I scored some Christmas goods at Crate & Barrel outlet on Prince Street.
It was a fun trip. A stop at IKEA & Wegmans on the way was just icing on the cake.
It's always nice to get away long enough to miss home.

I got to keep 3 of my friend's 6 kids so she could surprise her husband with an overnight stay sans kiddos for his birthday. What a pleasure to see this on my sofa that morning.
my 2 sandwiching her 3 in the middle. they did this on their own.

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  1. Love the pictures and loved the trip. Enjoyed spending time with all of you as always! Little disappointed that the kids loved their doughnuts more than me but I got over it. Thanks for making me go to D.C. and seeing the sights in bumper to bumper traffic, makes me want to go back real soon :) See you all real soon, cannot wait, I live for grandkid visits!!


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