Monday, September 26, 2011

31 is fun! Jason Mraz, who knew?

Birthdays aren't so overrated afterall. Celebrating this one was right up there with 11 year old sleepover/choreographing dance parties!
A whole weekend of celebrating & "whatever you want to do, it's your birthday" kicked off when I walked in the door Friday afternoon to a kitchen full of vibrant bouquets & dark chocolate! (Good Lord, I hit the jackpot with this man!)
My mom is in town and my kids are crazy about her and I'm crazy about the spontaneous grown up outings with my husband (& sneaking out when the kids don't see her leaving with just me {heaven forbid} for a mani/pedi).
We indulged in movies (SJP plus NYC & Boston brownstones? YES! smart & funny; go see it.),
midnight bowling, coffee & dinner,
and a night alone at the local Westin (where we were upgraded to a HEAVENLY suite; the bathtub, the double-headed shower, the beds...oh...the beds. We've been hooked on the Heavenly beds since our honeymoon. You simply must try it. Be ware. You'll never be satisfied with another hotel bed again.)
The best of the best was the Jason Mraz concert down in VA Beach!
What a musical adventure!!
Colbie Calliat opened & as expected, she was pitch perfect with her smoky voice singing her cotton candy love songs. (She did a nice cover of The Script's Breakeven too).
JASON. Holy bananas! I had no idea! 
Radio hits just don't capture this guy's talent. 
He & his band were sensational!
He got the party started with Pennies from Heaven (Elf style) certainly sending me the message that this wouldn't just be a night of silly love songs, although he did sing that song & his own,  Remedy and I'm Yours and Colbie joined him for crowd-pleasing, Lucky.

I shimmied til my shoulders hurt & danced my hips off when I wasn't stilled by his wide-ranged talent. Seriously; the radio just doesn't capture it. Did I already say that?
He set spanned fun covers of In Other Words, Signed Sealed Delivered, even Won't You Be My Neighbor to his own emotionally-charged Beautiful Mess and I Won't Give Up On You. (he had me at "when i look into your eyes it's like watching the night sky or a beautiful sunrise; so much they hold" um. yes. please. continue.)
I love him for his clever songwriting and like most fans, his charming melodies. 
"You know what to do to turn me on til I write a song about you..Sister, You've Got It All" from Butterfly among my favorites (which it can be because I'm married. just saying.)
My first download after the concert: What Mama Say 
LOVE IT! Get it. Especially if you're married with kids. (gotta get past the opening-it really only works live. you'll know what i mean)

It was wildly entertaining. Take it from this surprised fan, if he comes nearby, get yourself a ticket. And like he said when he took the stage, the night isn't for the grumpy. 
I had a great weekend. Thank you for the thoughtful messages, flowers, and mom & Dan for making me feel so special. Pin It


  1. heavenly beds are just that!!! i have been hooked ever since out honeymoon too!! for my 30th my husband took me back, they truly are the best beds on the face of the planet!


  2. Celebrating your celebration! Wow. I feel refreshed after reading it. Here's to the afterglow-y feeling lasting and lasting.
    Totally making a Jason Mraz folder on Spotify.

  3. Sounds awesome.
    I was not very familiar with Jason Mraz or Colbie Calliat until recently... Marisa and Matt sang "Lucky" at thier reception instead of a first dance (it was amazing) and since then I've been checking both thier music out... good stuff! Glad you had fun and happy belated birthday!


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