Wednesday, September 28, 2011

rejoice always, pray continually, He will do it

We've rounded the 1 year anniversary of this enormous step of faith.
The only security we had for nearly every step was that God gave us His word & He is faithful.
We continue to reap the rewards of trusting Him
and have taken full advantage of the bounty here on this step.
While our minds were set on it being more of a "landing", it became clear almost immediately that it was just a "step", shedding more light on values & dreams.
That's the thing about this journey that is life, it's a journey; each step having a purpose (sometimes unknown until you've moved on); each step requiring sufficient grace for it's trials & contentment for it's benefits.
If you need a little push toward the next step, read this.

We cling to the first part of the scripture above to remain faithful where we are now
and the second part as we look toward what is ahead.
Hope you're clinging to it too!
Because that means you're brave enough to believe that 
there is One bigger than you
who loves you 
& died to grace you with forgiveness you when you fall short
& has called you to a life greater than your human resources.

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