Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8 years on the map

This day, 8 years ago was the very best of my life.
I wish we could get all of the people we love back in one room for a night of dancing & eating to celebrate each year that passes & we're still just as committed & in love. 
I try to make anniversary gifts symbolic and if I can, indicative of that particular year gone by.
Last year we were packing up our lives in Texas and moving back to the East coast, so I came up with this collection of the keys to the homes we've owned through our marriage. 
It combined a load of milestones and was easy to make, check it out here.

This year we are smack dab in the middle of adding a new baby to the mix, so a DIY project wasn't in the cards.
When I saw these Brainstorm prints on a blog I follow I knew they were perfect.

As an ode to the places we've lived in the past 8 years of marriage, I bought him these two (Northeast & South):

I love the details when you look closely, particularly how they mark the places we've lived, traveled through with a moving truck, and visited together over the years. 
I was terribly tempted to purchase all 4. You can see the entire Atlas collection here.
Highly recommend them; super fast turnaround too. Pin It

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