Saturday, July 2, 2011

good morning, beautiful!

speaking of living in pjs & relying on dry shampoo for a while,
have you seen these no heat, super easy, overnight curl tutorials?
there's the sock bun curls

and this one for a more vintage curl

not sure my hair is long enough, but i've been meaning to give it a try. sure might add a little spark to waking up in the morning after being up all night with a hungry, bright-eyed baby.
what i woke up to this morning was...
well, technically it was my little beauty, who immediately started looking for her lovely little sister.

next it was impossibly perfect kate middleton.
apparently, that's the white Reiss dress she wore in her engagement photo; makes her slightly more everyday girl, doesn't it? wearing something more than once.
i want to go to something where i can wear a large ornate hair accessory and matching shoes (not shown above). in the past 2 weeks i've been to the hospital & Target. i digress...

(tutorials found on pinterest. kate photos: popsugar)
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  1. I'm so trying to sock bun thing soon. Looks so easy!

  2. OMG what a revalation! Can't wait to try it! Thank you :)

  3. oh...want to try that with my hair! can come over anytime wearing large ornate hair accessory...we'll call it a special occasion. but don't think i won't make fun of you...

  4. We watched the Canada Day festivities in Ottawa start to finish on TV, to celebrate all the Canadian blood in our house As much as I've tried to avoid all the fuss about the Royal Wedding, etc... Kate is totally perfect and it's impossible not to watch her!!! At least she does seem more down to earth than one might expect!

  5. Hi Tina...I hate to be the one to say this, but Kate Middleton wore a navy blue Zara outfit for her engagement photo shoot. Love the white dress though, and love your blog!

  6. even I'm getting it wrong! haha Her dress was designed by ISSA.


    1. Hi! That was her engagement announcement! The white dress was in her Engagement photo. So fancy to have both; I can understand the confusion.


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