Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Playlist Favorites

Confession: I've had You are a Masterpiece stuck in my head for days now! That's right; haven't heard it since the 80s, but still know every word. Of all the lullabies that could come to mind at 2am, good Lord!

And since I don't want to go down in my humiliation alone, I heard Dan singing "Baby, baby, baby, oh!" 
while holding Clara the other day.
I suppose anything you sing softly and tenderly would suffice, albeit Justin Bieber, Sandi Patty, or Bon Jovi.

These are the most played or sung from our nursery playlist:
You cannot lose my love (All Right Here)

Hallelujah, Rufus Wainwright

Then there are my Disney favorites:
Baby Mine (Dumbo)
La La Lu (Lady & the Tramp)

What are your lullaby favorites?
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  1. I love Bette Midler's version of Baby Mine.

  2. i love love love the rock a bye baby series, they are artists like no doubt, journey, the cure, aerosmith, set to glockenspiel.
    I love all of them!

  3. oh starr: i go all the way with you on the "funny girl" soundtrack but not bette. i just can't stand her voice. (ducking)
    nina: i'm happy to hear a review. i wondered if they were good. i'll have to look into them for our upcoming roadtrip. thanks!

  4. I love Somewhere over the Rainbow by "IZ"

  5. It's okay. I know I stand mostly alone in my adoration of Bette. Ha! I think when I was little I envisioned myself having a big ol' personality like hers; and the Beach soundtrack was my most played tape. (It's an accepted fact I was a weird kid.)

  6. "you gotta live a little, lose a little and always have the blues a little. That's the story of that's the glory of LOVE"!!
    Loved Beaches!
    Also love: that you just wrote "tape". 


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