Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First day, just me & 3 kids

Today was my first with 3 kids all by myself.
A day short of 2 weeks since delivery and the c-section pain has faded significantly. I'm all off the really good drugs & on to alternating Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen.

I'm still enjoying the middle of the night feedings, although I've been catching myself head back & nearly asleep. Scary. Whoever said "sleep when the baby sleeps" didn't have any other kids at home.

Carter watched 4 hours of NickJr this morning. I think it was the best day of his life. 
I got the (sleep-deprived) notion that today was the perfect day to potty train Lilah, once & for all. Two rounds of dirty panties that I could've used an epidural to endure cleaning up and I came to my senses. This probably isn't the best day. You think?

While I'm waiting for my sound judgement along with my mobility to bounce back, my appetite has returned. Dang it. 
Good thing for the fruit supply from Edible Arrangements we received.
I did the inevitable"this is what I've got left" review of my post-baby body. It feels dramatically different than how it looks, by the way. And since I'm medicated & slightly delusional writing this, I'm crazy enough to share. Holy junk in the trunk, Batman! 
And the front just looks well, like the 40 weeks pic, minus the baby, add a bra. Looks like as soon as I get the go-ahead I'll be Zumba-ing til I drop the 50+ pounds I gained.
You should know it's quite likely that this side by side will likely be deleted by the author in the next 24 hrs. Pin It


  1. and there is a reason i debate having kids... granted one needs a husband first!! :-)

  2. You look amazing! I probably look more like the 40 weeks picture and I don't even have any kids! ;)

  3. i love you!!!!! :) your posts always make my day.

  4. thanks!
    and kate, somehow i picture you climbing a mountain after birth & coming back down with the same healthy physique you had before baby.

  5. You look gorgeous! I'd like a little more junk in my trunk! (wait, does that mean butt or belly?) Anyway, lookin' good, J. Lo!

  6. I love your honesty! You look fantastic! I also recomment "Insanity" workout. It's nuts but it goes fast. But first enjoy baby, enjoy not being pregnant and looking wonderful!


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