Wednesday, May 18, 2011

half as hard and twice as good

It's funny.
I called a friend, who broke down in tears when I said "hello." as though a dam had burst with the sound of a familiar, secure voice on the other end. I listened as she explained she had every reason not to be crying, while other people in the world had real troubles, here she was feeling all the things she shouldn't be and didn't want to be feeling.
So glad I called.
It's up there near #1 for me to have friends & family that I can listen to when they need an ear and encourage with what they need to hear.
Friendship. (not to be confused with the cursory Facebook-sort)
It's life-giving. 
And it's never been more important to me than when I became a mom. 
It's funny because not 24hrs later, I got a proverbial "how are you?" text that was my wall-breaker.
I cried so hard that I couldn't see what I was texting in response.
Confessions poured like a well into the safe, loving hands that held the phone in another State.
What a difference a day makes! Huh?

The crisis, well it's momentary but that moment feels life-long and all-encompassing. 
It's nothing a good Zumba class & a shower couldn't shake off, but it's clouded your perspective & paralyzed your resilience. 
That's when familiarity and friendship are invaluable.
Again, never as treasured as now, in motherhood.
There's no telling how many times I've tapped into this resource during this third trimester.
Thank you; you know who you are. And you're not off the hook just yet. Still 4 more weeks & transitioning into mother of 3 yet to come! Let's not even think about teenage years...

I love this manifesto for mums, I found for purchase here.
This post is begging for this song:
twice as good by sara groves 
(of course, because who writes life into song better than she does?)
perfect, perfect lyrics here.
"raise a glass to friendship and to knowing you don't have to go alone/
raise our hearts to share each others' burdens on this road/ with you is half as hard and twice as good."

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  1. You are a wonderful friend! Great post & I agree. Friends matter all the more when you are mothering. We don't have as much time, conversations get cut short from a naughty or crying or hungry child, we forget birthdays and anniversaries; but friendship is a fortress. Something to cherish and fight for. Your friendship makes me a better wife, a better mother, a better friend and a better Christ follower. Thank you dear friend!

  2. I know we're getting older...can you imagine what that will bring?
    I got teary-eyed at that part...
    sweet, lifelong friendship...what a gift from God!

  3. darn...i did it again...this is Heather, not Greg!


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