Thursday, April 7, 2011

It figures...

It's setting the coffee the night before and feeling proud to serve your husband. 
Forgetting to turn it on.
It's putting the clean clothes in the dryer & a new load in the washer before you head out the door. Forgetting to press start.
It's filling your cart with more for your money and reaching into your purse to find you left your wallet at home.
It's heading to the beach with pails and sunscreen and remembering snacks. 
Forgetting the bathing suits & towels.
It's driving me bananas! 

I snagged free season tickets for the littles to Busch Gardens months ago. I got the best available rates for us grown-ups, including free parking. Score! The weather hit 80something this past weekend and we had nothing planned. In just a moments notice, I had filled water bottles, packed diapers & layers in case it got cool and we were out the door.
Go me. Go me.
Easy parking. Oh the anticipation as we rode the tram to the front gate & scanned our etickets. "Ok. We'll need a birth certificate to verify your child's age."  
"It's written right here on the eticket." No worries, they happen to be in my wallet from our recent trip. My wallet. Took out my ID & left it at home in the name of packing light for the day at the theme park. Kids, we're heading back home.
Go me. Go me.

Lately, I have been saying "no" or "not now" way more than I say "yes" and some nights my guilt keeps me awake. Yesterday the laundry was washing, the dishes were drying and there was no reason to say no when they asked me if they could make brownies. I nearly said "no" out of reflex. Sad. Instead I grabbed the mix, the oil, & the egg. Carter got the measuring cups & spatula. They perched themselves up at the counter & before long the house smelled like brownies which wasn't nearly as sweet as the feeling of "I said yes!"
After nap, we all had the same thing on our mind: brownies! You should've seen their proud faces.
Go me. Go me.
The phone rang. I failed my glucose test last week. I'll need to schedule a 3 hour test.
Hold on a second, nurse, let me wipe the brownie from my fingers so I can write down the details. I've never failed this test before.
Go me. Go me.

My son's hair is terribly overgrown. We got a free haircut coupon from Sports Clips & Carter asked daily if we could go. At this stage of pregnancy I have zero initiative. We passed by on the way home and I happened to be killing time til daddy came home. So I pulled into the lot. I saw his eyes light up and he leaned over, "I'm getting a haircut, Lilah".
I pulled into a spot & side-swiped the shiny black Acura next to me. I wasn't in a hurry. Just plain mis-judged. My free haircut (which of course I was too shaken to go through with) ended up costing much more.

I could fill the page with more "it figures" scenarios.
Moments like this are happening left and right around here, friends. 
I'm spilling and dropping things, misjudging and forgetting so much more than I can stand. 

I keep singing that song in my head "It's like rain on your wedding day/ A free ride when you've already paid/ Good advice that you just can't take/ Who would've thought it figures"

Well, sometimes I'm singing. Usually I'm fighting back tears and breakdowns first.

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  1. you should write a book...your writing is just incredible!! praying for better days soon for you :)

  2. Tina I am so feeling this for you! It has been brutal for me with baby #3. Thanks for writing it down here so eloquently, so fun to read. It is officially getting better for me for many months now, it won't last forever! The irony for the organized type is just so thick; the hours I will spend on the little details, only to miss the one big fat main point right in front of my face! There is much value for me in these times: learning a little better how to slow down and really live in the moment; learning a little more about how to embrace my failures; and the always welcome here: humility! And of course, Kate is worth every second of humiliation and frustration, 1000 times over!!! I wouldn't trade one second with her.

  3. Great post Tina. Feeling your frustration; thanks for writing about it in such a way that we all think "Yep. Been there. Thank God I'm not the only one!" The image you found is perfection. :-)


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