Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He says it like it is

Do you listen in on your kids' conversations?

On the other side of one living room wall are the bunk beds that my kids share (5 & 2). It makes for perfect eavesdropping. The playroom is just off the kitchen so while they think I'm cooking & too far to hear, their imaginations run freely. I love, love to hear what they are saying when (they think) I'm not listening.

Like most parents, I could almost have a whole blog dedicated to the things they say; mostly hilarious, sometimes profound.

The kids & I made the 10hr trek to NY again for a family event and were overjoyed when Nana said she would come back to VA with us. (PS: having a playful, willing caretaker in the backseat with the kids is priceless on a 10 hr road trip. Highly recommend.)
Early, early in the morning we headed over to Nana's house to pick her up for our trip home. Carter & Lilah were in the backseat discussing the day ahead. I heard "going home to see Daddy today", "Rocco will be wagging his tail when he sees us", "we get to go to Chick fil A for lunch", "I'm going to pick the movie first" etc.
Then there were a few moments of silence before I heard Carter say,
"Lilah, you know what? 
Nana really loves Jesus."

Stopped me in my tracks. I don't remember a thing they said the rest of the trip home. If only Nana could hear what her grandson says about her when she isn't around. Actually, she probably wouldn't be surprised. He could have said anything about Nana. Anything. Unprompted, he told his little sister the most important thing to know about Nana before we picked her up. Nana loves Jesus.

What would he say about me?

Mommy really loves to clean? Mommy really loves her computer?
Perspective is everything to a kid.
"Lord, I beg of You, keep me ever-mindful. Refine me. Be glorified."

They're always watching. Remember "She's copying me"?

On a lighter note: listen to this hilarious exchange at dinner the other night. Talk about perspective!
Carter asked us about slaves.
(We've done loads of exploring in & around our new city, which happens to be rich in Civil War history.)

Carter:                                 "What are slaves?"
Dan & I (para):            "Slaves were people that spent their whole lives taking care of other people. They woke up every day and cooked food for the family, cleaned the house, took care of the babies, washed clothes & laundry, worked in the yard. EVERY. DAY. They didn't get anything for their work. Every day they woke up to take care of people and the same thing the next day"
Carter (looks up at me):    "Mom, you're like a slave."

Want more?
  • This was likely the most hilarious thing ever to come from his mouth.
  • Then there's this @ bedtime when he really, really got me. 
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