Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crossing a big one off the New Life in a New City checklist

New Life in a New City Checklist:
1. Find Dunkin Donuts w/drive thru, take coffee to find Target.
2. Find a good grocer
3. Set up a bank account
4. Find the best park
5. Establish with an OB, scout hospital maternity ward
6. Join a gym with good Zumba classes & safe, fun childcare

7. Find a home church, where they preach the scripture not just a clever combination of quotes & personal opinion, 
where raising my hands or standing still with tears rolling down my cheeks during worship won’t draw any attention, 
and almost as importantly, young couples w/kids the same ages as ours that can become our local family.

Truth is, we’ve been searching for the above church for years. Growing up, the people in my church family were the closest to me and made the most remarkable impact on my life, outside of my parents.

We happen to have some loving, godly men & women in our family that would more than suffice, if we lived nearby. Since that’s not the case, our prayer has been for provision through a church family.

After months of visiting churches that just weren’t it, we nearly called it quits in our search and settled. I mean we have so much of what we'd hoped for in this new city, we can't have everything. Do we really need to make local friends?

In the back of my mind is the challenge to be all in” while we’re here. 
We are committed to make the most of everything this city has to offer and be sure we experience & fulfill every purpose God had for calling us here. 

We recently got to cross “find a church” off of our list.
In fact, I stood with tears rolling down my face for almost half of worship feeling blessed and humbled that I stopped hoping for God to fulfill this desire of ours to find a church home. It was as though He slipped into the pew beside me & reminded me that He is my Father, who loves me, and wants good things for me and my family.
I didn't actually have to ask Dan what he thought of it because I just knew. By the time I rounded up the kids from their classes, I found Dan full-fledged in coversation with a guy & his wife & their kids, who, get this-are the exact ages/sexes as ours! It turned out that we had lots in common & we've even been at the same events and know the same people. Crazy!
It doesn't hurt that Panera donates bread & baked goods around which everyone gathers after the service to fellowship. If I didn't know before, I knew then, this was it! God is so good.

I’ve renewed my commitment.
I’m all in.
If there’s one feeling I’m too familiar with it’s
Regret that I didn’t take the opportunity when I had it.

No, we aren’t getting to spend Sundays after church with our family gathered around a big, plentiful table. We aren’t going to sports games or ballet recitals to cheer on cousins. Maybe someday. Fingers-crossed.
For now, I’m 1 hr from my longest time friend, who is more like a sister and her family that my kids & husband enjoy thoroughly. We’re spending all the time we can together, making every effort not to take our proximity for granted.
Whether I am downtown with her friends or hanging out at her house,
I drive home with an overflowing cup and I try to head back before that cup empties again.

We are “all in”.
The same goes for living less than 10 minutes from a charming beach and the world’s most beautiful amusement park.  In less than a 3 hour drive, we can hit up historical landmarks, including the Nation’s Capital and some of America’s most popular destinations. We are hiking State park trails, visiting aquariums and zoos, and discovering more and more right here in our backyard. After 5 years of complaining that we had access to little or nothing in our small city in West Texas, we simply must be “all in” while we’re here.

Next on the list: 
8. a hairstylist
Desperately need one.
I’ve stopped 2 gals to compliment their cuts & get a recommendation. Each time they had it done out of town. Jeesh.

9. a babysitter
10. a pediatrician

Do you pray for hairstylists and free local entertainment??? 
Does God's goodness humble you?

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  1. I love this post! Finding "THE" church is such an amazing blessing. I love that the God we serve is a big God who cares about all things - even the little things.

    Good luck with the hairstylist - took me 2+ years and many, many tries to find the right one after we moved, but I sure do love her!

  2. So happy you found your church! You are an amazing writer, keep it up. Love you, Mom


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