Monday, April 18, 2011

#3, you've already changed me

Having failed the glucose screening for the first time, waiting for the results of the 3 hour test has me thinking of how #3 has already changed me.
1. Boy or Girl? I have no idea and have had the opportunity to find out every 4 weeks b/c for one reason or another I've had an ultrasound at each visit.
2. The nursery. What nursery?  
Ok, there is one. But it hasn't been perfectly decorated & set up down to size N diapers in the drawer. The room is still set for Lilah even though she moved out of the crib & in with her brother months ago. The walls are buttercream, more butter than cream and they work with both girl & boy nursery motif's we have in storage.
3. I haven't bought a single thing.
By this time, Lilah had a full closet. Seriously. And that was before her shower. I started her collection when I left the ultrasound appt. revealing she was a girl. And of course, Carter was stocked because he was the first. Sadly, I gave away all but a few items items I had from each kid's 0-18m wardrobe. (They were born in cold weather though, so chances are not much would have worked.)
4. No nesting
Perhaps because this isn't my house (we're renting since we aren't sure how long we'll live here & had just a month to choose a home in VA from TX). More likely because the two kids keep me picking up after them all day long, I don't have the energy or interest in cleaning crown molding or taking a toothbrush to grout.
5. We aren't set on a name. By this time each other kid had personalized nursery decor. I'm pretty sure we'll be waiting til birth to choose if she's a girl. If it's a boy, you're set. We think.
6. Scheduling your birthday for after my due date?
It's time to choose a c-section date and I'm considering a day or two late. What? Mostly because I cannot imagine having 3 kids! Oh my Lord!
7. We don't have a pediatrician.
8. I haven't had a single pedicure, massage, or waxing.
(that last one was a bonus in case my husband is reading & struggling with Mother's Day ideas!)

Things that haven't changed:
1. I read every baby and pregnancy magazine I can get in my hands. I subscribed to babble's pregnancy blog & check in on several popular pregnancy sites.
2. I have to remind myself that it's most important to have a healthy baby & healthy mom. Giving up the "honey, it's time" experience because I have to have cesareans after Carter nearly didn't make it out safely, is worth it. Same goes for a couple other more typical privileges other moms have. Once you've pushed & pushed & had your OB look at you & say "we may not have a healthy baby or a healthy mom if we don't stop now" you'll thank God for Western medicine!
3. I'm believing this is the baby that won't have colic. Real, tried & true, diagnosable colic. Fussy, needy: fine. Screaming & crying inconsolably, for no apparent reason for hours each day: please, Lord, we've been through that twice already. We've stood by running water, running vacuums, shhhhhhh-ed, swayed, swaddled, cried & PRAYED, can we experience infant-hood without this time?

Now I've lost where I was going next just thinking about colic...

I can't wait to see if you have blond hair and blue eyes like your brother or dark hair & dark eyes like your sister.
I pray that you know God's love and love Him back with your whole heart. I pray you make good choices and learn from the bad ones. I pray you don't fall for the wrong person. I pray you eat fruits & vegetables as well as your siblings do. I pray you magically cause your siblings to get along. I pray that on your way out you'll grab a hold of all the extra fat you can so I get a jump-start. I pray you sleep so well I get to write a post about it! Pin It


  1. Just wait until you have all THREE fall asleep in the car, and then you get home. I remember that being a real moment of panic for me with three. (like we couldn't put one in bed & then come back for another...duh!) Oh yeah, and our poor number three was the first and only kid that we actually walked out of the house & forgot as a baby. (didn't drive away...)
    Something about being outnumbered really threw us off.
    But you guys will do great. There is something liberating about not getting hung up over stuff. Makes us all better parents, I think :)

  2. Tina I am cheering the choice to not find out boy/girl. So fun!


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