Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wrapping my mind around his 2 announcements

Today, Carter (5) made 2 big announcements, from my point of view. From his, these were just passing comments.
The first came before I'd taken my 3rd sip of coffee & barely had my eyes opened. Thankfully Dan was still home & within earshot.
"I wanna be baptized"
Parents exchange did i hear him right? does he know what that means? glances.
So we asked. And yes. He knows exactly what that means.

Carter: "to tell people I love Jesus & He's in my heart."
Us: "Do you know what Jesus did for you, pal?"
Carter: "He died on the cross...And got risen..."
Us: "Do you know why?"
Carter: "To forgive my sins."
Us: "Sins?"
Carter "Bad things I do."
Us: "Like what?"
Carter: "Lying."

Parents exchange I guess that answers that. How can he really be saying this right now? glances. Guess we better get on that. For starters, we need to choose a church out of the few we've visited since we moved here.

Second announcement came this afternoon. He brought me a People magazine.
Pointing at her picture, he said,
"Mom. I'm a fan of this girl."
"Can we hang her picture on my wall?"

So there you are folks. 
He knows Jesus & the girl who sings his favorite GLEE songs. 
For the record, he's only seen her on tv briefly once or twice yet, recognizes her everywhere. 
He's listened to the (G rated) music (over & over & over) and can tell when she's singing. 
(Side note: SO not a GLEE show watcher. Bad, bad writing direction considering the age of the audience)

I'm proud that he knows who Jesus is and has decided He loves Him because it's the one thing I want more for him than anything. Surprised it came this early, though. Took me most of the day to process how early it came. 
This. The "I'm a fan of this girl" announcement is going to take longer. 
Actually, I've decided to document it here & forget it til he's 14 & I can't deny it.
 I was much happier with him being a fan of his cousin, Selah & gal pal, Avery. 

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  1. love it, doesn't surprise me though I think you were 4 when you said the sinner's prayer.

  2. BIG! What are the odds these would come on the same day?!? Lord have mercy


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