Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"if you'd like me better, me is negotiable" is so 20s.

I'm a few months into my 30s (yes, 6 months still qualifies as 'a few') and I've noticed some great developments that have surprised me.
For one, less of who I am is negotiable.
For example: I like books and have always aspired to be one of those respectable girls that read.
But, it turns out reading means I can't multi-task and I'm multi-tasker.
On the contrary, I can watch a movie AND fold or sort. This way I get the thrill of being entertained & productive simultaneously. Ahhhhh....
(In exchange for using my imagination, I gain inspiration through the sets and the dialogue. Throw in a romantic montage set to the perfect song & I have my emotional fill!).

Recently a friend mentioned the shame in watching the movie before or instead of finishing the book, and that's when I discovered this new version of me.
I spent ZERO time pondering how I should change or be ashamed, even if I do agree: it's more commendable to read than watch & most often the book far surpasses the film.  
Could I be nearing the end of "If you'd like me better if I weren't exactly me, "me" is negotiable"?

Not sure. But, in this matter, I know who I am.
I read only because it's good for me as a writer (& sometimes the book doesn't have a movie-yet!)
But my heart belongs to movies. I'm a movie-girl. Unashamedly.
I'm equally a girl-friend-girl. If you're my friend, it's because you possess something I value-whether we have it in common or not. :)

I loved, loved, loved this post by RS editor, Advice I wish I could give to my younger self:
  1. Stop apologizing so much.
  2. Appreciate how you look right now. It’s a lot better than you think.
  3. Understand that sometimes boys are just clueless. They are not being intentionally clueless to hurt your feelings.
  4. If you think everybody is looking at you, you’re wrong.
  5. When you are arguing with someone, yelling rarely accomplishes anything.
  6. Many of the smartest people are the best listeners.
  7. Arguing with your boyfriend after 10 p.m. is just completely counterproductive.
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  1. for the last several months, i've been trying to stop apologizing for everything, and when you actually try to stop you realize how much you ACTUALLY apologize! ugh! loved your post, and i'm looking forward to joining you in our 30s by just being comfortable in our own skin. now that is SUCH a great feeling.

  2. SO glad your commented because often times I write & wonder what you think, but particularly this one since we've had numerous discussions about these things-esp. apologizing. Love you & DEARLY miss our chats deciphering human issues & discovering the road to betterment. (does that even make sense? it's early.)

  3. WOW! I need to read that profound list of seven daily.

    It nailed me. Eeks.
    Thanks for the reminder. What did Popeye say? "I am what I am and that's all that I am..."

  4. oops, this is Heather, not Greg!
    But how funny would it be if Greg was posting Popeye quotes?


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