Thursday, March 31, 2011

deeply grateful for what is often taken for granted

I got the mug in yesterday's post from Dan for Valentines Day. Best of all gifts to me are gifts I get because someone I love made a mental note of me noticing & admiring something. This was the case. I kinda found it a few weeks before V Day when I was snooping organizing the desk in our home office where a Starbucks bag had been sitting for a few days.

I didn't look inside. Didn't have to. I just smiled. Assuming. And I was right.

We have a thing for coffee mugs. He gets a new one on the morning each child is born and we've been collecting them on special days since our Hawaiian honeymoon. Not just that. You may remember my coffee in the morning post (here) and how meaningful it is that he makes the pot we share every day. If there's a cup leftover after our morning cup and his 2nd to-go, I save it for when I miss him while the kids are napping.

Sound too personal & nostalgic to have a point to this post?
I happened upon a blog I've never found before.
At first glance, her blog looks like most all of the other mommy, wife, making the most of life blog I subscribe to. See it here. But it won't take long before you realize there's something different from the others.  

Here's the note she posted that really got me.
This one with the raw details of the day is as far as I could get.
I closed it. Prayed for her. Asked forgiveness for my ungratefulness. And now I'm sharing with you.

I hope you'll read it & let it inspire you to cherish what is yours. The predictable, even painfully so days of motherhood and housekeeping and plain-old-life.

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  1. I can't even breathe while reading that, or for several minutes after.

  2. That is crazy! How many emotions does that bring up??!! I had to email Joel right away!
    Love you Tina


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