Monday, March 14, 2011

hello warm weather! hitting the beach & the trails nearby.

yorktown beach, va

the kids are still tired this morning from all the family fun this weekend. but i'm completely rejuvenated. 
talk about a winning (& rare) combination!
it was a full weekend, in the best way. i can't pick a highlight. 
beautifully weather: sunny & high 60s, low 70s was perfect for hiking in a VA state park nearby. we got out the buckets & shovels & did our first digging in the sand at the beach (above) a few miles from our house. what a charming waterfront! i can't get over how white the sand & how blue the water is there. i'll get a photo next time to share with you.
can i just tell you how at home i feel when there are large bodies of water surrounded by tall trees nearby?

dan gave me some alone time on saturday. does anyone else love/crave alone time as much as i do? good Lord, i'm so grateful for those hours i had alone on saturday.

we even got a date on friday night! ahhhh....
with 13 weeks left in my pregnancy, i was tempted to suggest dropping the kids off & coming home to crash on the sofa with a redbox DVD. thankfully, i didn't settle for what we can do any day of the week without a sitter & we had a great time out in town. the kids came galloping out of kids night out at 10pm with big smiles on their faces & loads to fill us in on!

we went to one of those theaters that serve a meal while you watch. ever been?
we saw the adjustment bureau (which was so much more of a love story than it looked to be in the trailer. the chemistry between those two made the movie. wow! i won't be surprised if i see them paired in another film. do you ever think about the spouses of these actors? this one made me think of matt's wife at home with their children. i wonder if the millions make it worth it.)

keeping the italian tradition, our sunday pasta dinner was delish! 
completely recommend buddy's pasta a la vodka (no vodka)
holy moly! it's one of those dishes that kept all four of us silent until nearly all the rigatoni was gone & we were soaking up the remaining sauce with our bread.

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