Thursday, February 24, 2011

There's just something about...

There's just something about...

....a good haircut.
Like losing 10lbs, you look better whether wearing yoga pants or skinny jeans. Thanks, Kim!

....a shower after kids go to bed.
Its the SAHM's drive home from work. Transition from MAAHHHMMEEEE to just ME.

....a good body pillow once you hit the halfway thru pregnancy mark. 
Turned to mush when I saw a brand new one-perfectly firm, but flexible-on my bed for V-Day. He's listening! He's in-tune! He gets it! No flower delivery or robin's egg blue box could have delivered like that Laura Ashley pillow.

PS: How old does your youngest have to be before you start sleeping through the whole night?

There's something about following personal blogs of people I've never met combined with pregnancy dreaming. We all wear our best on Wednesdays, (even maternity versions) at the YHL house eating PW's mushroom & spinach quesadillas talking about the craft we'll do with our preschoolers who happen to be the same age or swooning over CG's latest. Even Beth Moore & her daughter were there. Too bizarre.

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  1. I am so identifying on the pregnancy dream, it's just crazy how vivid and continuous they get! To explain the rash of out-of-date comments, I've been disconnected from your blog for awhile, at my loss! please excuse


  2. When I was pregnant it was very hard to sleep in any position. They say that sleeping on the left side is the best. The only way I could manage that was to get a body pillow. It was great and was able to stay on the side. Then I would tuck the bottom end of the pillow between my knees.


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